Meeting Record - February 19-20, 2014

Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Science Committee (SC)


Committee Members

Government of Canada Officials

Guest Presenter


The Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Science Committee met on February 19 and 20, 2014 for their inaugural face-to-face meeting. This meeting focussed on addressing the charge question: capturing and communicating uncertainty. It included a number of relevant presentations intended to inform Committee deliberations as well as a full day discussion to develop a preliminary response to the charge question and next steps for formulating the Committee Report. Outlined below is a brief summary of the meeting.

Day 1

Agenda items #1 & #2 (Introduction and Opening remarks)

After brief introductory remarks and a round table, two of the Director General's (DG's) with oversight for the CMP, Amanda Jane Preece and David Morin, provided welcoming remarks. Housekeeping items were addressed.

Agenda item #3 (Introductions and declarations)

Members gave a more detailed description of their expertise and backgrounds. There were no declarations with regard to agenda items for this meeting.

Agenda item #4 (Terms of Reference)

The Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Committee was reviewed, section by section. Additions and changes were suggested and the ToR will be amended before it is formally endorsed by the Committee.

Follow-up item

Agenda item #5 (Introduction of topic and charge question)

Charge question introduced: How can Environment Canada and Health Canada better communicate uncertainty to decision makers and external stakeholders in the context of their regulatory risk assessment reports?

Government officials and Committee members agreed to slightly modify the charge question to include how to 'capture' uncertainty, in addition to communicating uncertainty.

Agenda items #6 & #7 (Presentation from Government of Canada officials and Guest presentation on communication of uncertainty)

There were a number of presentations delivered, intended to inform the Committee's deliberations on capturing and communicating uncertainty:

The presentations were well received and were followed by discussion.

Agenda item #8 (Reflections/presentations from Committee members on communication of uncertainty)

Don Wilke, Miriam Diamond, Elaine Cohen-Hubal and Sylvain Bintein presented different perspectives on communicating uncertainty.

Day 2

Agenda item #9 (Housekeeping items/recap of Day 1)

Recap of day one.

Agenda items #10 – 12 (Discussion amongst Committee members on charge question, Preliminary input to charge question, and Next steps for formulation of written report)

Committee members engaged in a full day of discussions and constructive dialogue as they developed their preliminary draft input to the charge question, and they also identified their next steps for formulating a Committee report.

Agenda item #13 (Brainstorm of Committee topics for consideration of Government of Canada officials)

Each Committee member put forward suggestions for potential topics for future meetings for consideration by Government officials.

Agenda item #14 (Wrap up and adjourn)

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held in fall 2014 and the meeting was adjourned.

View the February 2014 Committee Report.