Federal laws and programs

The Government of Canada has many laws and programs dedicated to protecting human health and the natural environment from chemical risks. Its primary legal tool for assessing and managing chemical substances in the environment is the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999), jointly administered by Environment Canada and Health Canada.

A major part of CEPA 1999 is to sustainably prevent pollution and address the potentially dangerous chemical substances to which we might be exposed. See other Major federal laws covering environment and environmental health issues.

CEPA 1999 program sites and publications

The following links go to information published by key groups involved in administering CEPA 1999 (see also Risk assessment and Risk management):

Human health risk assessments

Ecological risk assessments

Risk management of chemical substances under CEPA 1999

Other programs that deal with chemical substances

In addition to CEPA 1999, there are many other federal programs and agencies involved in assessing and managing the risks from chemical substances, including: